lake House

I planned to retire to this home at 1348 Swan Lake Road in Avon, Illinois.  I purchased this older small hose and made it into a new and expanded house.  In doing that, I was able to build on a room just for a Ham Radio Shack.  It had a full set of grounding and even some shielding from outside interference.  But, as i said before, I had to abandon the dream because of at 2010 heart attack.  I thought I would share some of the pictures of that home.

Click here for Tower Erection

Remote Operations

By the way, one of the interesting parts of the home was the matrix atenna switching system.  I was operating remote with both a TS 480 and a Flex 5000.  Of course that meant I had to use the toothpick solution on the power switch on the 5000.  The question always was how do you change antennas among the rigs.  I built an antenna matrix, purchased switching relays that were software controlled and wrote a program to switch the antennas onto any radio remotely.  Of course, there was also the problem of power dropping.  So all the computers were set to boot on power up.  Finally, in case of a failure and a transmitter remaining in transmit mode, I had a master power switch that would drop everything by remote control over the internet.

Vintage Gear

As you can see there were many vintage rigs from Heathkit go Collins.  They all worked.  An Icom 970 was used for satellite.

Enjoy the pictures.