K9OQ Amateur Radio Station

I became a ham radio in 1969 as WNØVNJ.  As a novice I probably made six CW contacts. When I became a General Class Amateur my next call was WBØFFE which I held for many years.  My first radio was a Heathkit SB 102.  I actually drove from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to the Heathkit factory to get the kit.  I remember the excitement not just of building the kit but of putting it on the air.

I finally upgraded my license to the Advanced Class. and my call became a 2X2 … KEØPV.  The next jump was to an Extra Call.  I had by that time purchased a home in Illinois with lots of land for antennas.  It was on Little Swan Lake in Avon, Illinois.  I thought this would be the place I would retire so I added an addition on the home just for my ham radio and put up a number of antennas.  My call was K9OQ.  I still hold that call today.  However on April 3 2008 I suffered a heart attack.  I was one of the lucky ones who survived but realized that living three hours from the nearest hospital was probably not wise.  Therefore we sold our dream home by the lake and moved back to Davenport.  we found a home on an acre of land inside the city!  I put up my TH11Dx and a SteppIR vertical.

After going through several Iowa winters we decided to move back to the Atlanta area.  We had lived there from 1999 to 2003 and found the area very attractive both from the location and the weather.  We moved here in October of 2012.  I have the Steppir Big IR Vertical up and am waiting for the people to dig the hole, pour the concrete and put up the HDX 555 Tower with the TH11Dx on top!  Hopefully it will be poured this week which means the tower should be up by July 1 2013!

I have written thirteen books including three novels.  Take a look especially if you like sci-fi!

This has been a great hobby for me over the past 47 years!  I have had the opportunity to own everything from my current FT 9000DX to the Collins S Line.  One of my favorites was the Heathkit SS 9000 just because everyone thought you had the name or number wrong since there are so few on the air.  I now operate with only the FT9000DX and a VL 1000 amplifier.  I just bought the ICom dstar radio because it is so popular here in Atlanta.  I have not had much time to use it.

Will continue to work on this site as I have time.


Larry G. Patten